Cosmetic Dentistry and Endodontics

Cosmetic Dentistry& Endodontics

Nowadays, Cosmetic Dentistry has become the backbone of dentistry. We provide the best cosmetic treatments to the patients with minimum charges and maximum satisfaction of the patients. With Aditya Dental Clinics you can enhance your looks and increase your confidence by getting the treatment done with our best and experienced doctors and advanced technologies.

Bleaching: Whitens the teeth.
Veneers: Laminate tooth surfaces to give aesthetic appearance.
Laminates: A layer of tooth colored material which improves aesthetics.

Endodontics: One of the best things that modern dentistry brings to you is that you do not have to say good bye to your teeth because of unexpected incidents such as severe tooth decay,tooth infection,tooth crack. Thanks to Endodontic Treatment,your damaged teeth can be repaired and preserved via

Restorations (Fillings) – in case of minimal decay
RCT (Root Canal Treatment) – in case of severe decay

instead of extraction.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry and Endodontics Charges (INR)
Home Whitening Systems (Colgate, Discuss Dental ) 5000/-
Zoom Advanced Whitening (2 To 3 Cycles) 8000-10000/-
Restorations/ Fillings
Fillings (Amalgam, Silver) 500/-
Fillings (Fluoride, Gic) 500-800/-
Fillings (Composites) 600-1200/-
Root Canal Treatment
RCT 2000/-
Re RCT 5000/-
Post And Core 2000/-
Ceramic Inlay 7000/-
Tress White Brightening 2000/- per crystal
Composite Bonding 2500/- upwards (based on size)
Cosmetic Contouring 500-1000/-
Componeers 5000/per tooth
Night Guard 1000/per set